In the future, everything in the waste-stream will be recycled and converted into useable raw materials


In the future, we will reach a horizon where recycling efficiency reaches near 100%

When this point is reached the circular economy can close

The next steps will be to direct waste streams into reprocessing facilities


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Closed Loop Operations closes the circular economy by converting near 100% of waste into raw materials

​Clo.Op's Three Steps:
  1. Collect raw materials

  2. Recycle waste​ into raw materials

  3. Sell or lease raw materials to manufacturers

Aluminum is found in higher concentrations in landfills than in the earth where it is found

Clo.Op announced Cloop in its annual report. Cloop is a public education campaign and an integrated waste management system that is built into buildings such as apartment buildings, hospitals and office buildings. These systems direct the waste streams of large buildings into Clo. Ops.’s reprocessing hubs.