Theodore Scoufis

I design because


Default State


Responsibility to dignify the human experience

I bring to design unique experience on the frontier(s)

I have seen how people act in extreme environments

I have a responsibility to apply my experience


I use this experience to challenge design that is fragile or unjust

I must be on the frontier

I thrive in areas where the rules are being defined—where it is up to me and my team to set precedent


The frontier delineates divergent and convergent thinking 

I am excited to work in the  confluence of design, business, philosophy and political science 

This is why I:


Became an Army Ranger

Climbed Mt. Denali and Mt. Rainier

Attended Columbia University 

Chose Products of Design at SVA

Design is my default state

Frankly, I can't help myself

From the youngest age I exhibited symptoms of design. At the time, teachers and medical professionals were unable to make a diagnosis

Throughout my life, whenever I’ve moved away from creative spaces I find myself drawn back

I recognized that to do my best work, I had to allow myself to practice what I was good at

The process of design harnesses my natural strengths