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LiveOut is a social geocaching app that helps people to live outside


Users collect leaves which are left by other users on the map. Leaves are found through an AR portal in the app. Leaves contain a message from the person who left it.  Users are encouraged for follow leaf-droppers and series of leaves that may tell an on-going story such as a history of the neighborhood a bar crawl.



Wire Framing

Journey Mapping

Find Leaves

Find leaves using the map feature

Maps Page.jpg

AR Leaf Locator

When close to a leaf, hold up your phone to see the leaf in front you in AR

Find Leaf.png

Activity Review

Review the amount of time spent outside


Measure the distance you walked

Profile Page.png


View your leaf collection and re-read their notes

Leaves Page.png

Journey Map

However, modern life happens inside

Being outside improves mood, stress levels, memory, etc.

Leaves are collectable AR tokens that you and others leave for people to find

Follow Leaves
Follow a story
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