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Thorens TD145
& HiFi

A suite of vintage and DIY analogue audio equipment 


​Refurbishing this turntable was my entry point into design

After the completion of the project, I recognized that I wouldn't be happy unless some aspect of the process I just experienced were part of my life

Following this, I applied to grad school


High Fidelity Audio



Thorens TD145

Thorens TD 145

Plinth: reconstructed with Bolivian Rosewood and Corian finished with Waterlox


Pinth joints: half-blind mitered dovetail joints


Head shell: custom made with Bolivian Rosewood

Tonearm:  rewired with 32 AWG wire running from head shell to RCA plugs

Metal chassis dampened with acoustic foam


Saddle Record Queue


Sits next to turntable and holds your record queue

Bent sheet metal core, laser cut leather, hand stitched and dyed


Linear Power Supply

Based on the design from Sigma 22 linear power supply by AMB Laboratories


Creates a perfectly clean electrical signal to power the phono preamp


Preamp uses this signal to amplify the signal from the phono cartridge hundreds of times


Bolivian Rosewood panels match the turntable


and in case you were wondering...


ICEPower Amplifier 

Class d-amplifier: ICEpower amplifier board designed by Bang and Olufsen


Amp runs efficiently and cool and has a very small footprint

It sounds amazing
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